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Five Major Benefits of Body Cameras to Police Officers

Body cameras are commonly used by police officers to record incidents as they go about their work. A body camera, as the name suggests, is worn in the body by attaching it to the cloth. It usually entails an audio, photographic, or video recording system.

Body cameras help police officers in a number of ways, sometimes even standing in as proof of evidence. This technology is widely used in the United States of America and some parts of Australia. There are also other parts of the world that are embracing this technology in their police departments.

The following are the main benefits of body cameras to police officers.

Advantages of body cameras

·         Fosters accountability

One of the major reasons why body cameras are being rapidly embraced is because it brings accountability into light whenever a police officer interacts with another person. There is no way that one can deny what has been recorded on the body camera.

·         Promote transparency

Body cameras also create transparency with law enforcers. There have been a lot of cases involving police officers asking or being given bribes to let their suspects walk away. But with body cameras in place, there is no way that a police officer can engage in bribery.

·         Improve performance

A police officer is likely to perform better when they are wearing a body camera because they know that they are being monitored by their bosses. There is no room for engaging in illegal activities or being complacent while in the line of duty.

·         Rich source of evidence

If a police officer gets to the scene in time with a body camera on, they will collect all the necessary evidence through the camera recording and this can be helpful in an instance whereby the collected evidence was interfered with.

·         Facilitates police officer development

New police recruits can benefit from records of body cameras by watching how their predecessors did their training and routine checks. This way, new police officers quickly adjust to their work environment and know what is expected of them.

Each deployed police officer needs to have their own set of body cameras even if they work in groups because they can easily be separated while in the line of duty.

What makes body cameras so special?

You might be wondering why body cameras are special, especially to police officers. Here are a few reasons why most police departments have deployed personal body cameras for each office on duty.

Durable – body cameras usually have a tough casing that can’t be broken easily even if one rolls on the ground, making it suitable for the job.

Record for long hours – another great feature of a body camera is that the battery is capable of retaining power for long hours, just enough to complete recording in one day without the need to frequently charge.

Versatility – a body camera is known to offer three main solutions when it comes to recording. The first one being audio recording, which records sound from people and saves it. The second one is video recording; it is capable of recording video as things unfold on the ground while saving on the memory. The last one is a photographic system capable of taking instant photos when the need arises. The audio and video recording can be combined to give even better results and enough evidence. This is the most advanced technological revolution in the police departments currently.

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Factors To Consider When Hiring IP lawyers In Melbourne

An IP lawyer is also known as an intellectual property lawyer. This kind of lawyers are the lawyers that you need to hire whenever you are in fear that there are people who want to steal an idea, invention or innovation that you may be having for their advantage.  The IP lawyers can either be hired to prevent your ideas, innovations, and inventions from being stolen or when you realise that someone has already duplicated the ideas that you owned before. However, you need to be very careful when you are hiring these IP lawyers because you may not know the specific lawyer who is the best in this field. This is why there are several things that you need to consider before you hire an IP lawyer in Melbourne.  The IP lawyers in Melbourne can solve any cases that involve copyrights, patents, and trademarks. The following are some of the factors that you need to consider before hiring any IP lawyers in Melbourne.


There are so many IP lawyers in Melbourne who will be at your disposal when you want them to help you solve your case. However, what makes these IP lawyers in Melbourne different is their level of experience. There are lawyers with more experience than others, and hence you must find out the levels of expertise of several IP lawyers in Melbourne. From the group of lawyers, you can decide to hire the lawyer that has more experience than the others since they will have more expertise in whatever case they want to help you solve. You can also find out whether the lawyer has had any cases like yours before and how they helped their clients.


Would you want to hire  IP lawyers in Melbourne who cannot fix their schedules? The answer is no since if these IP lawyers in Melbourne cannot fix their schedules, they will never be flexible when you need them. Always ensure that when you are looking for IP lawyers in Melbourne, you find out whether the lawyer will always be committed to you and your work. They should be able to leave whatever they are doing when you need them so that they can attend to your needs.


Another factor that you need to worry about is the cost of getting services from the IP lawyers in Melbourne. Due to the difference in experience levels, all the IP lawyers in Melbourne tend to charge differently for the services they offer. In case you realise that you cannot pay whatever the IP Lawyers cost you, you can get another lawyer. In case you find out that the IP lawyers who are more expensive offer the best services, you can hire them only if you can afford it.


The other thing that you should worry about is where these IP lawyers are located in Melbourne. This is because the lawyers have different places where they work from and where their offices are located. You may find an IP lawyer who is in a location that is very far from your home or place of work or even a lawyer that is next to where you live. The location of the lawyer determines whether the lawyer will be available or not. Always go for a lawyer who is not far from you because you can access each other when the need arises, unlike when they lie far away from you.


The reputation that precedes the Melbourne IP lawyers, Taurus Legal, is also significant. You need to listen to what previous clients have to say and also read their online reviews. A good IP lawyer will always have a good reputation, and everyone will recommend you to hire them. Avoid hiring IP lawyers in Melbourne who have an awful reputation.

Private investigators in Brisbane

Do you live in Brisbane or within the suburbs?  And you feel like your spouse is cheating on you, get the facts with private investigators and enjoy your peace of mind or take measures accordingly. The private investigators will avail you of solid evidence you need beforehand. If you want to track your car and know every move it makes, there sophisticated tracking tools will provide that information on to your table. Unfold every hidden secret you need to know by contracting a private investigator.

The private investigators will give you the facts you need to connect the dots or read the hidden words in a picture without much effort from you. Private investigators can provide you the answers you desperately need to keep going or to make delicate decisions in your life.

How they operate

Private investigators avail investigation services in several ways bundled by them as products just for you. Other services may be highly customised to suit your situation while others are cross-cutting generalised services. Their services are highly professional as their works entail sensitive information and activities that call for careful handling and dissemination.



Whether in a large firm or a small unit, they can take care of that, they can deploy multiple investigators or individual investigators depending on the size of the operation beforehand. They are highly dedicated to their operations to give you the answers to the questions in your mind. They will follow the leads without being detected using their investigative skills. At the end of the operation, they will be confident to avail to you the evidence in the form of photos and videos or even recordings that will clear the doubts and suspicion in your mind or even confirm that the worst has been going on under the hood. If your spouse is travelling the interstate, don’t worry most of the private investigation firms in Brisbane have agencies in different cities within Australia who will ensure seamless investigations for you. You will get to know everything you need to know within a short time.

 Spy products

Their spy products will give you the information you need to know without having to contract a private investigator. Their spy products are easy to use devices like hidden cameras, smartphone spyware, listening devices, and computer monitoring software.

 Phone number search

If you suspect a number in your spouse’s call log, forward the number to them, and they will avail to you detailed information within 24 hours.

 Background checks

Their search engines and tools can search for over 100 mega databases on dating sites and social networking sites. Get to know all-round information about your prospective employees, clients, etc. within no time, before making commitments with them. Know their criminal records, their associates, etc.

Locate a person

You have a long lost friend, girlfriend, spouse, etc., then do not hesitate to get assistance from private investigators in Brisbane. They can help locate a person with their highly sophisticated techniques to give you the results you need within minutes. They will provide you with their address, phone numbers, street or building and any other information you may need to contact that person.

 Bug sweeping

They have specialised tools and equipment that will detect any surveillance device in your compound, office or your car within seconds, and you can enjoy the peace of mind you desperately need.

CCTV Installation Melbourne

A closed-circuit television system or CCTV, in short, allows the monitoring of a property’s interior and exterior using video cameras. The signal gathered by the camera is then transmitted to a set of monitors or a single monitor.

Today’s world is switching over to CCTVs because of the multiple benefits they bring to both businesses and homes. In Melbourne, CCTV installation Melbourne is ready to provide security solutions for homes and businesses.

The importance of CCTV installation

Other than the obvious benefit of being able to monitor your property, there are some reasons for the importance of CCTV installation.

Prevents burglars and other uninvited guests

CCTV is known for providing the benefit of being a top deterrent for criminals and other uninvited guests. Criminals are aware of CCTV cameras and finding one in a property is like telling them to go elsewhere. A prevented intrusion is better than having to deal with an intrusion.

It has been seen by a survey that 40% burglaries happen when people leave their homes for work. The same survey states that 30% gain entry using windows while 70% use the front doors.

This makes the conclusion that cameras pointing towards the entry points are the most strategic way of installing the CCTV device.

Reduced property and home insurance costs

Property and home insurance costs are greatly reduced when CCTV security systems are installed. This means that the risk is lowered because the CCTV installation makes your property less of a target.

Evidence can also be provided by the CCTV if ever damage to property occurs. There will be no reason for Insurance companies not to pay the claim with the evidence presented by the CCTV security system.

Increased sense of reassurance and security

People living in areas with a high crime rate are given a sense of reassurance and security by the CCTV security system. The latest technology of wireless CCTVs makes it more convenient for a homeowner to monitor his property wherever he may be.

Wireless CCTV security systems have the ability to connect with any mobile device such as a tablet or smartphone. This easily provides you a view of your property at a click of a button. Being confident that your premises are watched 24/7 provides a homeowner a means of a comfort blanket.


CCTV is perhaps the most affordable kind of security system compared to similar security systems. They are easy to maintain once they have been installed in a property.

The best performance will always be expected if the cameras are regularly wiped clean. This is a small price to pay for the faithful service the cameras will do over the years.

Security device maintenance can be scheduled with any professional company offering maintenance services. This can be scheduled every 6 months or annually.

Technology that is simple and easy to understand

CCTV security systems provide the simplest way of securing any premises. The device is simple to install and operate even for people that are not so updated on technology.

Professional help is only needed during the initial installation and scheduled maintenance.

CCTV installation in Melbourne is the smartest way to protect your family and premises. It is a cost-effective and efficient security system that’s easy to maintain as well. Do not worry about the security of your family if you have the eyes of the CCTV to monitor your property 24/7.

Security Guards

Duties Of Security Guards in Sydney

The police officers and any other law enforcement agents are in a position of intervening or responding when violence and crime happens. This is essentially made possible through the training they undertake. Other than applying this reactive approach, the security guards also apply a preventive approach to crime.

Therefore, we can see that security guard play an essential role in preventing risks and deterring crime, watching out for any looming danger, and reporting any crime they are likely to encounter.

But what are the main duties of performed by security guards? These are explained as follows:

To make themselves visible

One essential duty of the security guards is to make themselves visible. This is a great role since it deters criminals.

It is common for the majority of the muggers, shoplifters, burglars, and other criminals to think twice whenever they see the security guards on duty.

Therefore, being visible is one of the vital ways through which the security guards are in a position of foiling theft, personal injury, damage, and any other dastardly act.

The must be vigilant

Security guards must watch out for strange things that are likely to mean harm. Therefore, they are supposed to have a very focused sense of smell, sight, and hearing.

They must be in a position of smelling it when there is leaking of the chemical from a container or when a cable is burning somewhere.

They must be in a position of detecting the strange sounds such as when an individual is trying to open the door.

They must be in a position of seeing it when an individual is trying to divert their attention off their duty.

Other than this, they must be in a position of interpreting quickly anything they see,

Therefore, a long-sighted or short-sighted individual cannot make the best security guard based on these facts.

Ability to respond correctly and quickly when the need arises

Other than sensing a crisis, the security guards must act fast to control the situation. Therefore, the security guards are supposed to remain alert to avoid being caught unaware.

However, you’ll that the response of the security guards varies depending on the threat. As a result, every security must know the best ways for responding to various dangerous situations.

Must observe and report

Security guards are not supposed to relax after averting the dangerous situation. They must remain to observe until when they are sure that there is no expected problem.

The security guards are supposed to report any incident to their supervisors, the appropriated authorities or the police after controlling it. This is necessary so that the further steps would be put in place to ensure that the issue does not happen again.

Getting help

There are some cases where security guards cannot control dangerous situations alone. In this case, the security guards are supposed to request for the necessary help. This is the time when they are required to call the police.

Getting help is essential as it averts the loss of property of lives.

Maintaining order among people

You’ll always find the security guards in large gatherings such s religious assemblies, political assemblies, and parties. In these cases, they prevent the breakdown of law and order and stampedes. They also ensure the safety of property and lives.