Security Guards

Duties Of Security Guards in Sydney

The police officers and any other law enforcement agents are in a position of intervening or responding when violence and crime happens. This is essentially made possible through the training they undertake. Other than applying this reactive approach, the security guards also apply a preventive approach to crime.

Therefore, we can see that security guard play an essential role in preventing risks and deterring crime, watching out for any looming danger, and reporting any crime they are likely to encounter.

But what are the main duties of performed by security guards? These are explained as follows:

To make themselves visible

One essential duty of the security guards is to make themselves visible. This is a great role since it deters criminals.

It is common for the majority of the muggers, shoplifters, burglars, and other criminals to think twice whenever they see the security guards on duty.

Therefore, being visible is one of the vital ways through which the security guards are in a position of foiling theft, personal injury, damage, and any other dastardly act.

The must be vigilant

Security guards must watch out for strange things that are likely to mean harm. Therefore, they are supposed to have a very focused sense of smell, sight, and hearing.

They must be in a position of smelling it when there is leaking of the chemical from a container or when a cable is burning somewhere.

They must be in a position of detecting the strange sounds such as when an individual is trying to open the door.

They must be in a position of seeing it when an individual is trying to divert their attention off their duty.

Other than this, they must be in a position of interpreting quickly anything they see,

Therefore, a long-sighted or short-sighted individual cannot make the best security guard based on these facts.

Ability to respond correctly and quickly when the need arises

Other than sensing a crisis, the security guards must act fast to control the situation. Therefore, the security guards are supposed to remain alert to avoid being caught unaware.

However, you’ll that the response of the security guards varies depending on the threat. As a result, every security must know the best ways for responding to various dangerous situations.

Must observe and report

Security guards are not supposed to relax after averting the dangerous situation. They must remain to observe until when they are sure that there is no expected problem.

The security guards are supposed to report any incident to their supervisors, the appropriated authorities or the police after controlling it. This is necessary so that the further steps would be put in place to ensure that the issue does not happen again.

Getting help

There are some cases where security guards cannot control dangerous situations alone. In this case, the security guards are supposed to request for the necessary help. This is the time when they are required to call the police.

Getting help is essential as it averts the loss of property of lives.

Maintaining order among people

You’ll always find the security guards in large gatherings such s religious assemblies, political assemblies, and parties. In these cases, they prevent the breakdown of law and order and stampedes. They also ensure the safety of property and lives.