cheerful business team winning an award for their performance

How to Use Awards or Trophies to Improve Morale At The Workplace

Low morale in the workplace can be very detrimental in terms of productivity. There are numerous ways to improve employee morale like increasing the workers’ involvement and building their self-esteem. Everyone loves it when their achievements are recognized and it’s always more meaningful if another individual recognizes their success on their behalf. There are some simple ways to do both at once and this article highlights some ideas that you can incorporate into your company.

Project Specific Recognition

When employees are working against the clock to finish a project, it can be hard to take a step back and recognize the excellent job the team did. While it is possible that the supervisor has scheduled the time to debrief, it is ideally essential to make time or celebration and bragging. Utilize this opportunity to recognize any employee who came out as a leader or delivered more than expected. You can utilize a nomination method or ask senior leaders to recognize the superstars.

Shout Outs

It can be hard to call this one an award, but shout-outs are usually effective at empowerment and are easy to implement, particularly if you have a weekly or monthly employee meeting. Simply use the first few or last minutes to open up the floor for the staff to recognize each other’s work, contributions, and support. Shout-outs are more frequent and verbal and there is no limit to giving them. If you do not usually have an all-employee meeting, you can use the organization’s bulletin board and give slips of paper or post-its that allow the staff to publicly thank each other. If your organization has a printed or digital newsletter, shout outs can be posted through this medium.

Employee of the Month

This is a tried and tested way to encourage healthy competition between worker, while still incentivizing the entire workplace to increase their levels of productivity.

Neatest Desk Award

You might toss this one under the silly category, but is an extremely helpful tool in the search for an orderly and clean workplace. You can make a monthly competition and incentivize the employees with a small gift card or free lunch.

Innovation Awards

Most people prefer to work in a place that fosters creativity. So, encourage the workers to think in a different manner by introducing an innovation award. This award can recognize anything the implementation of a more effective recycling program to an idea of a new product. If it is taken seriously and accompanied by a substantial prize, an innovation award can shape the culture of your company.

Workplace awards can recognize almost anything that makes the workplace a better place, from cleanliness to project management and they can be in the form of gift cards to trophies (check out for ideas!). The secret is to identify key values that are essential to the organization and find fun, creative and even silly methods to encourage your staff to exemplify them.

The point is that Recognition, awards or trophies, even if they appear to be frivolous can help boost morale, engage employees and increase productivity.