Five Tips of Finding the Best Mobile Phone Repair Firm

Mobile phones have become part and parcel of our daily lives for most people around the world. Mobile phones help us solve thousands of problems and are considered to be the greatest telecommunication tool in the current generation, particularly the smartphone.

However, these gadgets can be delicate and be costly to maintain, if carelessly handled. It is even worse if you take your mobile device to an inexperienced individual for repairs. Therefore, it is important to establish that the person fixing your mobile phone is indeed an expert and will guarantee positive results.

To find out whether the said person is a mobile phone repair specialist, you need to look for the accompanying factors.

Factors you need to consider

Extensive Knowledge

There are many different kinds of mobile phones that vary in designs, with varying features and operating systems. It is important to find an expert who has extensive knowledge of every kind of mobile phone that exists on the market, but the most important thing is to find an expert who understands the architecture and everything about your mobile phone. A specialised technician can be more effective than an all-rounded expert.

Make cost comparisons

Each technician has their own price for a given kind of repair job. Thus, you need to analyse all the possible alternatives in order to cut down on the cost. For instance, a given repair may be too expensive to the point that it is wiser to get a new phone. Also, a given technician may charge way more than others, yet they offer the same services. Cost is something you need to pay closer attention to to avoid spending a lot of money where it is not due.


Another crucial thing to find out is about the delivery period. Since mobile phones assist us in everyday tasks including at work, it is essential to find a technician who can deliver within the shortest time possible. This will also save you some money, especially if you are being charged per hour.

Proper replacement parts

In order to guarantee positive outcomes, you need to find an expert who has the right replacement parts to repair your phone, if the need arises. Fixing incompatible parts to your phone will make it inefficient and even bring more issues. You have to check the parts they use and confirm all the details before you can actually allow them to proceed.

Expert’s reputation

A good expert will not be hard to find because people will be recommending you to him based on how they were served by that specialist. If you notice the majority of people referring you to a given mobile phone technician expert, then it is likely that they are well experienced in the field and will solve your issues.

How much does a phone repair expert charge?

The amount charged by local phone screen repairers in Perth will depend on what exactly the problem is. For instance, the most common issues are damaged batteries and screen replacements. Installing a new battery in your phone may range between $25 to $30 or even more. Screen replacement ranges between $90 – $180 or more depending on the type of phone. There are many other kinds of repairs with unique costs associated with them. Therefore, you need to carry out thorough research about the price of fixing your phone to avoid being exploited.