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Areas covered by family law Coffs Harbour

A family faces a lot of challenges that need to be addressed as a separate field of law. This is the reason why family law in Coffs Harbour exists. It was developed to handle all the matters related to family affairs. It is unique because it involves parties who have lived together and have a clear understanding of each other. This article will discuss the main areas covered by the family law relating to family issues.

Areas that family law addresses

The following are some of the most common areas that are under family law:

Adoption cases

The adoption process might seem easy, but it requires many details and approvals for it to succeed. When parents wish to adopt a child, they need to consult a family law attorney to guide them on the procedures and preconditions to be met before the process is completed.

Child custody

Child custody might arise as a result of parents divorcing and living in separate places. However, the child can only be allowed to stay with either of the parents, depending on some factors. The most observed factor is the ability of the parent to provide for that child. Therefore, each of them needs to hire a family lawyer to represent them in court hearings and fight on their behalf for child custody.


It is also a law nowadays that when couples want to divorce, they have to divide their property into a given proportion depending on their contribution. Each one must hire a family lawyer who can represent them in a hearing and try to negotiate on their behalf. There are family lawyers who have specialised in a divorce matter and can make a good fortune for their clients.


There is also a scenario where a child happens to stay with one parent while the other is absent. This may be because they had a child outside marriage and have no plans of living together. Therefore, the parent who is in possession of the child can hire a lawyer to help them make the other parent perform their responsibilities. Paternity can also occur when parents want to get closer to their child if the other couple is not willing to allow them to get closer to their child.

Roles and Responsibilities of family lawyers

Family lawyers have several roles to play in family affairs. Some of these responsibilities include the following:

Client’s representation

An attorney must represent their clients in any proceeding and try to plead for their rights and freedoms. A family lawyer also plays similar roles for their clients in any hearing.

Advising their clients

Family lawyers are responsible for analysing their cases and advising them on the best possible path to win the case. They have to be well experienced and have sufficient knowledge to make better decisions and judgments.

Preparing and keeping relevant documents

It is the role of a family lawyer to draft any relevant document used in a hearing and keep that document safe. Law is a field that involves a lot of documentation and formal writing. The lawyer must then keep such information neat and secure to avoid the destruction or loss of such information.

It is wise to seek family law specialists in Coffs Harbour because they are well-trained in that area and can win the case for you.

Family Lawyers Brisbane: Important information regarding child support

According to the Australian Family Law, both the parents of the child should be financially stable when it comes to the upkeep of the child. It doesn’t take into account any of the parents past or present relationship. What’s important is that both parents should have an equal responsibility in bringing up the child.

The child support scheme is regulated through a number of laws. Child support should consist of periodic or monthly payments by one of the parents on a regular basis. The amount to be paid is based on the agreement reached by both the parents r decided by the child support administration system.

In order to allow the administration to decide the child support amount, an application has to be submitted in the court. All children under eighteen years of age are entitled to receiving child support.

The following is necessary when deciding on the amount of child support:

  • Proof of parentage. The parent paying the child support should be able to prove their paternity.
  • This scheme is applicable for adopted children as well.
  • In case parentage is challenged it can be emotionally trying and immediate legal help must be sought.

What factors count in deciding the amount of child support?

The amount of child support to be given is based on the following factors:

  • The period of time a child spends with both the parents
  • The cost of raising a child of a particular age
  • The ability of the parents to meet the particular needs of the child
  • The amount earned by both the parents
  • The parents responsibility in taking care of other children from their past or current marriages
  • The standard of living of each parent

Different methods of paying child support

Child support can be arranged privately. In this case the parent paying child support makes regular payment to the parent caring for the child. Or it could be collected and distributed by the child support administration. However, this is only applicable when child support has been calculated by the administration.

It can be the case that the administration can be challenged when it comes to the amount payable for the child support. This usually happens when the administration might not have taken into account the special needs of the child. The parent receiving the child support can file a reassessment within 28 days of receiving the assessment.

However most matters for child support are normally decided privately amongst the parents with help from a family lawyer in Brisbane.

The lawyer would devise a written agreement which is signed by both the parents. This document would contain the agreement made for the child support. The number of installments which are to be paid either monthly or periodically.

The agreement can be either binding or limited. A binding agreement is one which is signed and acknowledged by both the parents. The limited child support agreement is devised only when parents seek assessment from the child support administration.

For more information on child support and family law, hire Stone Group family lawyers in Brisbane.

Solicitors In The Gold Coast

A solicitor is a legal practitioner who traditionally deals with most of the legal matters in some jurisdictions. A person must have legally-defined qualifications, which vary from one domain to another, to be described as a solicitor and enabled to practice there as such

Regulation of the profession in Australia varies from state to state. Admission to practice is state-based, although mutual recognition enables a practitioner admitted in any state to practice nationally. In some states, the distinction between barristers and solicitors is nominal and reflects individual preferences and membership of professional associations. In others, at least in a practical sense, the distinction is clear from the type of practice practitioners have, even if they are entitled to practice in the other branch of the profession. Thus, while members of the bar practice only as barristers, a practitioner is admitted as a “barrister and solicitor.” Therefore, every solicitor is also a barrister, although many prefer to brief counsel rather than appear in courts or tribunals themselves.

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Our highly qualified and experienced team of legal professionals focus on excelling in our core area of practice being Residential Conveyance that is buying and selling of property. Their mantra is simple, clients come first, and they aim to deliver the highest possible level of premium service, knowledge and professionalism to each and every one of their valued clients, while ensuring their costs remain competitive at all times. Having this team on your side means that you are getting the best advice possible. They have your best interest at heart.

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Gold Coast Solicitors have the experience and knowledge to help with all stages of property transactions whether you are buying or selling a home, unit, vacant block, strata title, commercial real estate or rural property, and including:-

  • Legal advice in regard to real estate contract law
  • Drafting and reviewing contracts
  • Auction Contracts
  • Sales or purchases by companies, self-managed superannuation funds, family and discretionary trusts and deceased estates

What sets them apart is their personalised service and attention to detail. They take the time to treat each of their clients as unique individuals and take a pragmatic approach towards achieving the best possible outcome which is specifically tailored to their client’s needs.

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