Areas covered by family law Coffs Harbour

A family faces a lot of challenges that need to be addressed as a separate field of law. This is the reason why family law in Coffs Harbour exists. It was developed to handle all the matters related to family affairs. It is unique because it involves parties who have lived together and have a clear understanding of each other. This article will discuss the main areas covered by the family law relating to family issues.

Areas that family law addresses

The following are some of the most common areas that are under family law:

Adoption cases

The adoption process might seem easy, but it requires many details and approvals for it to succeed. When parents wish to adopt a child, they need to consult a family law attorney to guide them on the procedures and preconditions to be met before the process is completed.

Child custody

Child custody might arise as a result of parents divorcing and living in separate places. However, the child can only be allowed to stay with either of the parents, depending on some factors. The most observed factor is the ability of the parent to provide for that child. Therefore, each of them needs to hire a family lawyer to represent them in court hearings and fight on their behalf for child custody.


It is also a law nowadays that when couples want to divorce, they have to divide their property into a given proportion depending on their contribution. Each one must hire a family lawyer who can represent them in a hearing and try to negotiate on their behalf. There are family lawyers who have specialised in a divorce matter and can make a good fortune for their clients.


There is also a scenario where a child happens to stay with one parent while the other is absent. This may be because they had a child outside marriage and have no plans of living together. Therefore, the parent who is in possession of the child can hire a lawyer to help them make the other parent perform their responsibilities. Paternity can also occur when parents want to get closer to their child if the other couple is not willing to allow them to get closer to their child.

Roles and Responsibilities of family lawyers

Family lawyers have several roles to play in family affairs. Some of these responsibilities include the following:

Client’s representation

An attorney must represent their clients in any proceeding and try to plead for their rights and freedoms. A family lawyer also plays similar roles for their clients in any hearing.

Advising their clients

Family lawyers are responsible for analysing their cases and advising them on the best possible path to win the case. They have to be well experienced and have sufficient knowledge to make better decisions and judgments.

Preparing and keeping relevant documents

It is the role of a family lawyer to draft any relevant document used in a hearing and keep that document safe. Law is a field that involves a lot of documentation and formal writing. The lawyer must then keep such information neat and secure to avoid the destruction or loss of such information.

It is wise to seek family law specialists in Coffs Harbour because they are well-trained in that area and can win the case for you.